Town Hall Meetings and Democracy

Town Hall Meetings and Democracy

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“Lippmann concluded, therefore, that the general public was incapable of directing the course of events on any rational basis and that it was folly to attempt this. At best, the public had the ability to identify those persons or groups who were capable of making important decisions by either voting them in or out of power. It is not so much that the members of the general public lack competence, it is that the general public lacks sufficient information with which to exercise any sort of rational thought process.
Lippmann’s theories gave rise to the entire industry of public relations, they revolutionized the concept of advertising, and they greatly influenced every interest group who has since sought to influence the public’s desires and beliefs by “putting pictures in our heads.” All of these forces in our society eschew rational argument in favor of molding opinion through the use of the symbols and the stereotypes that they believe the general public uses to understand reality.”

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November 1, 2019