Libertarians and Liberals

Libertarians and Liberals

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“As Justice Jackson alluded to in Wickard v. Filburn, lawmaking through the political process is how the public allocates the costs of behavior in order to reduce externalities. When voters argue over the best way in which to allocate these costs, they are engaging in a policy debate. Rand Paul and his fellow “Constitutionalists” seek to turn this policy debate into a more basic constitutional question. What is left unaddressed is the moral dimension of this debate: do we as a society have a moral obligation to use the political process in order to reduce externalities that powerful interest groups would otherwise impose on the less well organized (and less well funded) segments of our society? A liberal might answer “yes” to this question; I suspect that an extreme libertarian along the lines of Rand Paul would answer ‘no.”’

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November 1, 2019