Judge Sumi Does Her Job

Judge Sumi Does Her Job

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“For doing her job, Judge Maryann Sumi has been subjected to specious attacks on her character and competence.  Every sitting judge in Wisconsin must be watching this case with great interest.  Every judge in the state has to be wondering, “Will I be subjected to the same attacks, simply if I get assigned a case that requires the two political branches to comply with the rule of law ?”

As a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, I am an officer of the court.  I commend Judge Sumi for doing her job, for staying focused on the issues before her, and for ignoring the personal attacks and distractions that have been directed her way.  She has done her job, and done it well.  Now the focus turns to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  I hope that they stay focused on their job as well.”

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November 1, 2019