Immigration Reform and the Challenge of Democratic Self-Government

Immigration Reform and the Challenge of Democratic Self-Government

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“The argument in favor of Immigration Reform recognizes that there are forces changing our lives that can’t be stopped by wishful thinking or by simple commandments to “obey the law.” These forces include the evolution of the U.S. economy away from manufacturing and towards high tech and service industries, the ever-decreasing cost of international transportation (we live on a shrinking planet), and the manner in which the internet lowers information costs about foreign destinations (allowing potential immigrants to arrange for potential jobs and living arrangements before leaving their home country, thus reducing the risk of immigrating).

We can’t reverse these changes.  However, these changes can be managed so as to decrease the disruption that they cause on human lives.  In order to do so, we need to adopt national policies that avoid demonizing people or dividing human beings into “us” and “them.”  We also need to avoid false appeals to national security or jingoism.  Rhetoric designed to stir our emotions has proven effective in rousing public opinion against Immigration Reform, but it does nothing to solve the problem that we face as a country.”

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November 1, 2019