Federalism, Free Markets and Free Speech

Federalism, Free Markets and Free Speech

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“As such, Citizens United v. FEC stands with District of Columbia v. Heller, the Second Amendment case decided in 2008, as an example of the Justices slapping the “originalist” label on a profoundly un-originalist interpretation of the Bill of Rights. It is appropriate to view the two cases together. Both are exercises in raw political power employed in order to accomplish conservative objectives. Both ignore hundreds of years of understanding about the meaning of the relevant constitutional provisions, in favor of a meaning derived by taking the words of the Amendment out of context. And both embrace interpretations of the constitutional Amendment at issue that are inconsistent with the meaning ascribed to that same language by the intellectual father of originalism, Robert Bork. In the same way that modern scholars deride the ‘Lochner era’ as a misguided period in American Constitutional Law, I believe that future scholars and judges will recognize and reject the intellectual dishonesty of the ‘Heller era.’”

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November 1, 2019