“I am proud to endorse Ed Fallone for Wisconsin Supreme Court. I firmly believe that our highest court will thrive with Ed’s voice bringing fairness, equality, and diversity to the bench along with over two decades of educating our state’s judges, prosecutors, and trial attorneys. Ed has extensive knowledge of our constitution and I know he will uphold it in our court of law. Ed Fallone has spent a lifetime fighting for justice, and he will continue to do so as a Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

District Attorney John Chisholm, City of Milwaukee

State Representative Jonathan Brostoff:

“I am proud to announce that I am endorsing Ed Fallone for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  I wholeheartedly believe that Ed’s lifelong fight for justice and equality, coupled with his deep understanding of constitutional law will provide the Wisconsin Supreme Court with a perspective that it has been lacking for many years.  Ed’s record, values and temperament make him the obvious and best choice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

Ed & Alderman José Perez

Elected Officials:

Mayor Tom Barrett, City of Milwaukee

District Attorney John Chisholm, City of Milwaukee

State Senator Chris Larson

State Representative Evan Goyke

State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa

State Representative David Crowley

State Representative Jonathan Brostoff

State Representative David Bowen

Former State Representative Sandy Pasch

Former State Representative Mandy Wright

Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Shea

Milwaukee County Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez

Milwaukee County Supervisor Willie Johnson Jr.

Milwaukee Alder Cavalier “Chevy” Johnson

Milwaukee Alder Jose Perez

Waukesha Alder Aaron Perry

Milwaukee Registrar of Deeds Israel Ramon

Milwaukee Election Commissioner & Chair of the Latino Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Carmen Cabrera

Jim Schoreder, Chairman, Jefferson County Board

Hon. Glenn Yamahiro, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Russell Stamper, Sr., Former Milwaukee County Circuit Court Reserve Judge

Hon. Dominic Amato, Former Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Phillip Todryk, Former Dunn County Circuit Court Judge

James Santelle, Former US Attorney and Federal Prosecutor

Maria Dorsey, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Commissioner

Waukesha Alder Don Paul Browne


Hon. Joe Donald, Court of Appeals Judge

Hon. Carl Ashley, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Pedro Colon, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Jean Kies, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Janet Protasiewicz, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Danielle Shelton, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. Carolina Stark, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge

Hon. James Gramling Jr., Former Milwaukee Municipal Court Judge

Hon. Valarie Hill, Milwaukee Municipal Court Judge



“Ed Fallone will be an excellent Justice on our State Supreme Court. What impresses me most is his quality of character, his courtesy, concern and respect for others, as well as his intellect and scholarship. As a constitutional scholar he has taught hundreds of judges and attorneys. Much like Justice Abrahamson, he has been a leader in the community and has continued to use his voice to fight for judicial independence and citizens’ rights. As the first Latino Justice in the history of this state, Ed will continue the fight against the abuses of power to benefit our state for generations to come.”

Hon. Joe Donald, Court of Appeals Judge

Judge Joe Donald with Ed

Voces de la Frontera:

“Voces de la Frontera has endorsed Ed Fallone, a Marquette University constitutional law professor, for the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the February 18th primary election. Mr. Fallone who served on the Voces de la Frontera  501c4 board for five years is a strong advocate for immigrants. He knows our community and is committed to ensuring that all people are treated equally with dignity and respect. Ed hasn’t just talked the talk. He walks the walk. If elected he would be the first Latino elected to the Court. We need Ed and his values on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”


Attorney Jackie Boynton

Attorney Tim Burns

Attorney Linda Clifford

Attorney Syovata Edari

Attorney Ann Jacobs

Attorney Walt Kelly

Attorney Edgar Lin

Attorney Craig Mastantuono

Attorney Vince Megna

Attorney Reyna Morales

Attorney Mark Thomsen

Attorney Dean Strang

Attorney Michelle Velasquez

Attorney Craig Johnson

Attorney Mel Johnson

Attorney Steven Devougas

Attorney Danielle Bailey

Attorney Anjali Sharma

Community Leaders:

Former Former University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents Jesus Salas

Civil Rights Leader Ernesto Chacon

Executive Director of United Community Center Ricardo Diaz

Former President of Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Maria Monreal Cameron

Former Director Roberto Hernandez Center University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Enrique Figueroa

Former President American Federation of Teachers Local 212 Michael Rosen

Former Amalgamated Transit Union President, President Service Employees International Union Bruce Colburn

Senior Adviser Working Families Party Randy Bryce

Colleen Prouty Schulz, Vice Chair, Waukesha County Democratic Party

Fred Royal, Candidate for 7th Aldermanic District

Democratic Party of Milwaukee County 2019 Democrat of the Year Brett Timmerman

Substitute Teacher President Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) Alex Brower


Voces de la Frontera

WHLA (Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association

American Federation of Teacher (AFT) Local 212

“A clear, trusted interpretation of the constitution is best applied by one with perspective and fairness. Ed Fallone has the background, experience and goal oriented drive that Wisconsin’s highest court deserves. I’m proud to endorse Ed Fallone for Supreme Court” 

Alderman Aaron Perry, City of Waukesha District 12 

Ed & JoCasta Zamarripa

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